We are a Canadian,family-owned company representing an International portfolio of elite producers from 15 Countries and over 200 regions. Our focus is to build and develop brands through all channels in the evolving Ontario marketplace, All the while providing Ontario consumers with a dynamic selection of Wine & Spirits

We are ranked as one of the Top 50 producing Agents in Ontario.

We consider all of our suppliers to be our Partners and value their outlook and support in building successful brands in Ontario.

Our directive is on creating and establishing a solid foundation for long-term sales and growth strategies. We are always looking for new initiatives and KPIs to increase your brand position.

At Origin Wine & Spirits, we curate fine wines from small, organic/sustainable/biodynamic family farms, we are committed to creating a better, more sustainable future for our people, planet, and communities through our high standards for quality in today’s marketplace.

“Taste the Origin” is based on our years of international tasting experience, selecting, and pairing of wines for our clients. We pride ourselves on customer service, which is exceptionally hard to come across these days and on the purity of the product that we have chosen to deliver.

For novice and collectors alike, we invite you to savour and indulge your palate by connecting with us and discovering our portfolio of sustainably grown treasures.


OUR International Partners

Judge us by the companies we keep...
For us, it’s about the passion for the people we work with, Their continued commitment to the Land, its history, and the time well spent creating legendary wines.

Our Partners