Discover Our Heritage


Heritage Cellars was founded in Waterloo in 1986. Since then, We have become a family-owned business collaborating with top producers from 14 countries & 120 regions, focusing on building brands in Ontario’s marketplace. We are among the top 50 Ranked Status Agents in Ontario. For over a decade, HC has built a reputation for fostering existing and new partnerships by exceeding expectations and spanning the globe in pursuit of exquisite wine.


Our experienced professionals continuously strive to expand our scope by introducing new and unique products.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and quality brands and invite you to explore our selection and experience the difference for yourself. 


Having a job in an industry that aligns with your greatest passions and interests is a blessing. Our Oracles embody this idea. They were colourful, inspiring, educational, and unforgettable. Whether leading meetings or simply chatting over a drink, their presence left everyone feeling like they had met someone truly special. Their approach and perspective were truly unique and worth experiencing.